Dance with the Camera

Films presented in 2006 - MIFF 2006

Art Vision  coordinated the third Dance with the Camera, a special package of Films on Dance, as part of the Mumbai International Film Festival which was held at Mumbai from the 3rd to the 9th of
February 2006. The following films were shown:

River woman, Australia, 2005, 13 min.
Director: Michelle Mahrer
Choreographer: Bernadette Walang
Producer: In Motion Pictures

Synopsis: An evocative dance film devised for television inspired by the rainbow serpent mythology, featuring a unique collaboration between Australian choreographer Bernadette Walang of indigenous background and award winning dance film maker Michelle Mahrer.

About the Director: Michelle Mahrer is one of Australian leading dance filmmakers. She specializes in films about dance and music, which include documentaries and dance films choreographed specifically for the camera. She is a graduate from the Australian Film and TV School and after leaving in New York for 8 years she has returned back to Australia where she has directed several award winning dance films.

And Miles to Flow, India, 1998, 47 min
Director: Shantarate Misra
Producer: Shantarate Misra

Synopsis: The film is about dance-theatre forms of Asia- forms like Kathakali of India, Noh and Kabuki of Japan and the Chinese Opera. which independently evolved their own theatrical languages although maintaining striking similarities.

About the Director: A trained dancer in Kuchipudi, Bharatnatyam and Kathakali, Shantarate Misra has scripted and produced various art documentaries for TV besides having researched, scripted, directed and produced ‘And Miles to Flow’ on the Asian Dance Theatre forms.

Homebody, Australia, 2005, 7 min.
Producer, Director, Choreographer: Paul Zivkovich

Synopsis: Homebody
I created this piece of film while suffering from insomnia
In a state of insomnia
A nocturnal feeling
These two things fell into sleep together
I miss dreaming

About the Director: Born in Canberra, Paul began dancing in 1999 under the direction of Ruth Osborne. He has been commissioned to choreograph several works for the Australian Choreographic Center.

Double Take, United Kingdom, 2005, 37 min.
Director: Lea Anderson
Producer: The Cholmondeleys and The Feutherstonehaughs

Synopsis: Double Take is a selection of short, witty gems taken from past Featherstoneshaughs’ repertoire and performed cabaret-style by an all-female cast accompanied by the band Bog Standards. This 2005 version, reworked for film, plays with the illusory nature of time and reveals how an empty space is filled.

About the Director: Founder and artistic director of The Cholmondoleyes, Lea Anderson has choreographed over 100 original works for the company. In addition Lea has been at the forefront of promoting and producing dance for both the small and large screens. She has been commissioned short films also by BBC and Art Councils.

Tango Octogenario, USA, 2003, 7 min.
Director: David Licata
Choreographer: Nancy Turano
Producer: Tom Razzano

Synopsis: It is a short narrative film about an elderly couple’s unique way of reconnecting to each other

About the Director: David Licata is a writer and Film maker with various television and short films to his credit. He lives and works in the island of MANHATTAN.

Lapinthrope, Canada, 2005, 30 min
Director and Producer: Alec Kinnear
Choreographer:: Kathleen Rea

Synopsis: The film tells the story of a girl taken in as a foundling by wild rabbits. As she comes of age she must return to humankind in the city where she faces the pain and troubles of being different in a conformist world.

About the Director: Honours: Bachelor of Arts Trinity College. Film apprenticeship in advertising and music videos. Produced critically acclaimed documentaries for Radio Canada. Wrote about dance for many years.

The cost of living, United Kingdom, 2004, 34 min
Director: Llyod Newson
Producer: DV8 Films

Synopsis: David and Eddie are street performers struggling to get by in a seaside town. The Cost of Living follows them as they work, argue and romance. Their story is told through dance and dialogue.

About the Director: As the Artistic Director of DV8 Physical Theatre since 1986 Llyod Newson has had a dynamic impact on contemporary dance by challenging the traditional aesthetics and forms. He has created 14 works for stage receiving major British and International awards. The Cost of Living is DV8’ fourth film.

Dance without Drugs, Why not now, Italy,3 min.
Director and Producer: Hans Camille Vancol

Synopsis: Coming from a past of drug, drift and foggy visions the author expresses through the film the realisation that it is only trough movement that his body and soul are able to acquire total freedom.

About the Director: Born in Haiti with a dual Canadian/Italian citizenship, Hans Camille Vancol was a former principal dancer in Montreal, Geneve and Venice. After studying video and film direction, he started devising digital dance projects for the screen. He owns and directs a dance school in Verona where he works and lives.

Sharira India, 30 min
Director: Ein Lall
Producer: PSBT

Synopsis: Sharira draws on three major choreographed works produced by renown dancer -horeogrpher Chandralekha over the last 10 years, Shree in 1992, Raga in 1998 and Sharira in 2002. The film  demonstrates how consistensely she has worked towards challenging the Victorian mores that led to the compartmentalization of the human psyche-driving the body from the mind, feeling from thought, sensuality and sexuality from spirituality.

Films presented in - MIFF 2004

Following the success of the first package of films on dance presented during MIFF 2002 Art Vision  proposed a new series of 'Dance with the camera' films during MIFF 2004. Organised by Films Division, The Mumbai International Film Festival was held in Mumbai from the 3rd to the 8th of February 2004. The following dance films were screened:

E-MOTIONS (Switzerland 2000, dur: 13'13") utilises the technique of computerised animation. Here the body of the dancer interacts with letters of the alphabet inventing its own language.

GHOSTLIGHT (U.S.A, 2003, dur: 80') is a tribute to the legendary American dancer, choreographer and 20th century icon Martha Graham (played in the film by the male actor Richard Move).

IF NOT, WHY NOT (France, 2003 dur:26') is an example of choreography composed for the camera; filmed in a contemporary setting, the dance is inspired by the classical Indian dance form Kathak.

BLACK SPRING (France, 2003, dur: 26') has been selected for the unconventional way in which the movements of African dance are portrayed through the camera.

JOHN'S SHOES and NO CONFLICT (Israel, 2002, dur: 12') are the products of a spontaneous dialogue between the dancer and the camera. They are an example of 'improvideo' or innovative and original approach, integrating dance and video in a distinct and authentic way.

MAYA VISMAYA (India, 2001, dur. 60') is a video note on the work and life of contemporary actress-dancer Maya Rao interspersed with excerpts from her productions and aspects of daily life.

'More than movement' (Germany) directed by Brigitte Kramer. Filmed during the German Festival in India the film explores how the Indian choreographers try to leave the path of tradition in search for modern forms.

'Sanchari' (India) directed by Arun Khopkar. The film is an attempt to recreate in a different medium some of the privileged moments enjoyed while watching the artists concerts.

'Send me a postcard' (Italy), directed by Andreas Picher. This film has a bus as a mobile stage, a platform for developing small scenes and dream-like miniatures.

'Limon: a life beyond words' (USA), directed by Malachi Roth. The film is on the life and work of Josè Limon, the acclaimed Mexican-American choreographer.

'Birds' (USA), directed by David Hinton. Through film editing and music, the unrehearsed natural movement of birds becomes an exhilarating dance experience.

'Mother and child' (USA), directed by Maureen Fleming. This video-dance incorporates the image-substance of both mother and child in a melded submersion into the collective experience of humanity.

Dance with the Camera

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